Uses of Interface

Packages that use ResultTransformer
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.criterion A framework for defining restriction criteria and order criteria. 
org.hibernate.impl This package contains implementations of the central Hibernate APIs, especially the Hibernate session. 
org.hibernate.transform Defines strategies for post-processing criteria query result sets into a form convenient to the application. 

Uses of ResultTransformer in org.hibernate

Methods in org.hibernate with parameters of type ResultTransformer
 Criteria Criteria.setResultTransformer(ResultTransformer resultTransformer)
          Set a strategy for handling the query results.

Uses of ResultTransformer in org.hibernate.criterion

Fields in org.hibernate.criterion declared as ResultTransformer
static ResultTransformer CriteriaSpecification.ALIAS_TO_ENTITY_MAP
          Each row of results is a Map from alias to entity instance
static ResultTransformer CriteriaSpecification.ROOT_ENTITY
          Each row of results is an instance of the root entity
static ResultTransformer CriteriaSpecification.DISTINCT_ROOT_ENTITY
          Each row of results is a distinct instance of the root entity
static ResultTransformer CriteriaSpecification.PROJECTION
          This result transformer is selected implicitly by calling setProjection()

Methods in org.hibernate.criterion with parameters of type ResultTransformer
 DetachedCriteria DetachedCriteria.setResultTransformer(ResultTransformer resultTransformer)

Uses of ResultTransformer in org.hibernate.impl

Methods in org.hibernate.impl that return ResultTransformer
 ResultTransformer CriteriaImpl.getResultTransformer()

Methods in org.hibernate.impl with parameters of type ResultTransformer
 Criteria CriteriaImpl.setResultTransformer(ResultTransformer tupleMapper)
 Criteria CriteriaImpl.Subcriteria.setResultTransformer(ResultTransformer resultProcessor)

Uses of ResultTransformer in org.hibernate.transform

Classes in org.hibernate.transform that implement ResultTransformer
 class AliasToBeanResultTransformer
          Result transformer that allows to transform a result to a user specified class which will be populated via setter methods or fields matching the alias names.
 class AliasToEntityMapResultTransformer
 class DistinctRootEntityResultTransformer
 class PassThroughResultTransformer
 class RootEntityResultTransformer