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Packages that use EntityAliases
org.hibernate.loader This package defines functionality for processing JDBC result sets and returning complex graphs of persistent objects. 
org.hibernate.loader.custom This package defines a framework for custom loaders that accept handwritten SQL  

Uses of EntityAliases in org.hibernate.loader

Classes in org.hibernate.loader that implement EntityAliases
 class ColumnEntityAliases
          EntityAliases that chooses the column names over the alias names.
 class DefaultEntityAliases
          EntityAliases which handles the logic of selecting user provided aliases (via return-property), before using the default aliases.

Methods in org.hibernate.loader that return EntityAliases
protected abstract  EntityAliases[] Loader.getEntityAliases()
          Get the result set descriptor
protected  EntityAliases[] BasicLoader.getEntityAliases()

Uses of EntityAliases in org.hibernate.loader.custom

Methods in org.hibernate.loader.custom that return EntityAliases
 EntityAliases[] SQLCustomQuery.getEntityAliases()
 EntityAliases[] CustomQuery.getEntityAliases()
protected  EntityAliases[] CustomLoader.getEntityAliases()