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Packages that use EventSource
org.hibernate.cache.entry This package defines formats for disassembled state kept in the second level cache. 
org.hibernate.engine This package contains classes that are "shared" by other packages, and implementations of some key algorithms. 
org.hibernate.event This package defines an event framework for Hibernate. 
org.hibernate.event.def This package defines a default set of event listeners that implements the default behaviors of Hibernate. 
org.hibernate.hql This package defines the interface between Hibernate and the HQL query parser implementation (to allow switching between the 2.x and 3.0 HQL parsers). 
org.hibernate.hql.ast An ANTLR-based parser for Hibernate Query Language. 
org.hibernate.hql.classic This package contains the Hibernate 2.x query parser which is being end-of-lifed. 
org.hibernate.impl This package contains implementations of the central Hibernate APIs, especially the Hibernate session. 
org.hibernate.loader.hql This package defines a loader for the AST-based query parser  

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.cache.entry

Methods in org.hibernate.cache.entry with parameters of type EventSource
 Object[] CacheEntry.assemble(Object instance, Serializable id, EntityPersister persister, Interceptor interceptor, EventSource session)

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.engine

Methods in org.hibernate.engine with parameters of type EventSource
abstract  void CascadingAction.cascade(EventSource session, Object child, String entityName, Object anything, boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled)
          cascade the action to the child object
abstract  Iterator CascadingAction.getCascadableChildrenIterator(EventSource session, CollectionType collectionType, Object collection)
          Should this action be cascaded to the given (possibly uninitialized) collection?

Constructors in org.hibernate.engine with parameters of type EventSource
Cascade(CascadingAction action, int cascadeTo, EventSource eventSource)

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.engine.query

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.query with parameters of type EventSource
 Iterator HQLQueryPlan.performIterate(QueryParameters queryParameters, EventSource session)

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.event

Methods in org.hibernate.event that return EventSource
 EventSource AbstractEvent.getSession()
          Returns the session event source for this event.

Constructors in org.hibernate.event with parameters of type EventSource
SaveOrUpdateEvent(String entityName, Object original, EventSource source)
SaveOrUpdateEvent(String entityName, Object original, Serializable id, EventSource source)
SaveOrUpdateEvent(Object object, EventSource source)
ReplicateEvent(Object object, ReplicationMode replicationMode, EventSource source)
ReplicateEvent(String entityName, Object object, ReplicationMode replicationMode, EventSource source)
RefreshEvent(Object object, EventSource source)
RefreshEvent(Object object, LockMode lockMode, EventSource source)
PreLoadEvent(EventSource session)
PostLoadEvent(EventSource session)
PersistEvent(String entityName, Object original, EventSource source)
PersistEvent(Object object, EventSource source)
MergeEvent(String entityName, Object original, EventSource source)
MergeEvent(String entityName, Object original, Serializable id, EventSource source)
MergeEvent(Object object, EventSource source)
LockEvent(String entityName, Object original, LockMode lockMode, EventSource source)
LockEvent(Object object, LockMode lockMode, EventSource source)
LoadEvent(Serializable entityId, Object instanceToLoad, EventSource source)
LoadEvent(Serializable entityId, String entityClassName, LockMode lockMode, EventSource source)
LoadEvent(Serializable entityId, String entityClassName, boolean isAssociationFetch, EventSource source)
InitializeCollectionEvent(PersistentCollection collection, EventSource source)
FlushEvent(EventSource source)
FlushEntityEvent(EventSource source, Object entity, EntityEntry entry)
EvictEvent(Object object, EventSource source)
DirtyCheckEvent(EventSource source)
DeleteEvent(Object object, EventSource source)
          Constructs a new DeleteEvent instance.
DeleteEvent(String entityName, Object object, EventSource source)
DeleteEvent(String entityName, Object object, boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled, EventSource source)
AutoFlushEvent(Set querySpaces, EventSource source)
AbstractEvent(EventSource source)
          Constructs an event from the given event session.

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.event.def

Methods in org.hibernate.event.def with parameters of type EventSource
 void ReattachVisitor.removeCollection(CollectionPersister role, Serializable id, EventSource source)
          Schedules a collection for deletion.
protected  boolean DefaultSaveOrUpdateEventListener.invokeUpdateLifecycle(Object entity, EntityPersister persister, EventSource source)
protected  boolean DefaultReplicateEventListener.visitCollectionsBeforeSave(Serializable id, Object[] values, Type[] types, EventSource source)
protected  void DefaultMergeEventListener.cascadeOnMerge(EventSource source, EntityPersister persister, Object entity, Map copyCache)
          Perform any cascades needed as part of this copy event.
protected  void DefaultMergeEventListener.cascadeAfterSave(EventSource source, EntityPersister persister, Object entity, Object anything)
          Cascade behavior is redefined by this subclass, disable superclass behavior
protected  void DefaultMergeEventListener.cascadeBeforeSave(EventSource source, EntityPersister persister, Object entity, Object anything)
          Cascade behavior is redefined by this subclass, disable superclass behavior
protected  void DefaultEvictEventListener.doEvict(Object object, EntityKey key, EntityPersister persister, EventSource session)
protected  void DefaultDeleteEventListener.deleteEntity(EventSource session, Object entity, EntityEntry entityEntry, boolean isCascadeDeleteEnabled, EntityPersister persister)
protected  boolean DefaultDeleteEventListener.invokeDeleteLifecycle(EventSource session, Object entity, EntityPersister persister)
protected  void DefaultDeleteEventListener.cascadeBeforeDelete(EventSource session, EntityPersister persister, Object entity, EntityEntry entityEntry)
protected  void DefaultDeleteEventListener.cascadeAfterDelete(EventSource session, EntityPersister persister, Object entity)
protected  Serializable AbstractSaveEventListener.saveWithRequestedId(Object entity, Serializable requestedId, String entityName, Object anything, EventSource source)
          Prepares the save call using the given requested id.
protected  Serializable AbstractSaveEventListener.saveWithGeneratedId(Object entity, String entityName, Object anything, EventSource source)
          Prepares the save call using a newly generated id.
protected  Serializable AbstractSaveEventListener.performSave(Object entity, Serializable id, EntityPersister persister, boolean useIdentityColumn, Object anything, EventSource source)
          Ppepares the save call by checking the session caches for a pre-existing entity and performing any lifecycle callbacks.
protected  boolean AbstractSaveEventListener.invokeSaveLifecycle(Object entity, EntityPersister persister, EventSource source)
protected  void AbstractSaveEventListener.validate(Object entity, EntityPersister persister, EventSource source)
protected  Serializable AbstractSaveEventListener.performSaveOrReplicate(Object entity, EntityKey key, EntityPersister persister, boolean useIdentityColumn, Object anything, EventSource source)
          Performs all the actual work needed to save an entity (well to get the save moved to the execution queue).
protected  boolean AbstractSaveEventListener.visitCollectionsBeforeSave(Serializable id, Object[] values, Type[] types, EventSource source)
protected  void AbstractSaveEventListener.cascadeBeforeSave(EventSource source, EntityPersister persister, Object entity, Object anything)
          Handles the calls needed to perform pre-save cascades for the given entity.
protected  void AbstractSaveEventListener.cascadeAfterSave(EventSource source, EntityPersister persister, Object entity, Object anything)
          Handles to calls needed to perform post-save cascades.
protected  void AbstractFlushingEventListener.performExecutions(EventSource session)
          Execute all SQL and second-level cache updates, in a special order so that foreign-key constraints cannot be violated: Inserts, in the order they were performed Updates Deletion of collection elements Insertion of collection elements Deletes, in the order they were performed

Constructors in org.hibernate.event.def with parameters of type EventSource
ReattachVisitor(EventSource session, Serializable key)
ProxyVisitor(EventSource session)
OnLockVisitor(EventSource session, Serializable key)

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.hql

Methods in org.hibernate.hql with parameters of type EventSource
 Iterator QueryTranslator.iterate(QueryParameters queryParameters, EventSource session)
          Perform an iterate operation given the underlying query defintion.

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.hql.ast

Methods in org.hibernate.hql.ast with parameters of type EventSource
 Iterator QueryTranslatorImpl.iterate(QueryParameters queryParameters, EventSource session)
          Return the query results as an iterator

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.hql.classic

Methods in org.hibernate.hql.classic with parameters of type EventSource
 Iterator QueryTranslatorImpl.iterate(QueryParameters queryParameters, EventSource session)
          Return the query results as an iterator

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.impl

Classes in org.hibernate.impl that implement EventSource
 class SessionImpl
          Concrete implementation of a Session, and also the central, organizing component of Hibernate's internal implementation.

Constructors in org.hibernate.impl with parameters of type EventSource
IteratorImpl(ResultSet rs, PreparedStatement ps, EventSource sess, Type[] types, String[][] columnNames, HolderInstantiator holderInstantiator)

Uses of EventSource in org.hibernate.loader.hql

Methods in org.hibernate.loader.hql with parameters of type EventSource
 Iterator QueryLoader.iterate(QueryParameters queryParameters, EventSource session)
          Return the query results as an iterator