Package org.hibernate.dialect

This package abstracts the SQL dialect of the underlying database.


Interface Summary
DialectFactory.DatabaseDialectMapper For a given database product name, instances of DatabaseDialectMapper know which Dialect to use for different versions.

Class Summary
DB2390Dialect An SQL dialect for DB2/390.
DB2400Dialect An SQL dialect for DB2/400
DB2Dialect An SQL dialect for DB2.
Dialect Represents a dialect of SQL implemented by a particular RDBMS.
DialectFactory A factory for generating Dialect instances.
DialectFactory.VersionInsensitiveMapper A simple DatabaseDialectMapper for dialects which are independent of the underlying database product version.
FirebirdDialect An SQL dialect for Firebird.
FrontBaseDialect An SQL Dialect for Frontbase.
HSQLDialect An SQL dialect compatible with HSQLDB (Hypersonic SQL).
InformixDialect Informix dialect.

Seems to work with Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.UD3, Informix JDBC driver version 2.21JC3.
IngresDialect An Ingres SQL dialect
InterbaseDialect An SQL dialect for Interbase.
JDataStoreDialect A Dialect for JDataStore.
MckoiDialect An SQL dialect compatible with McKoi SQL
MimerSQLDialect An Hibernate 3 SQL dialect for Mimer SQL.
MySQL5Dialect An SQL dialect for MySQL 5.x specific features.
MySQLDialect An SQL dialect for MySQL (prior to 5.x).
Oracle9Dialect An SQL dialect for Oracle 9 (uses ANSI-style syntax where possible).
OracleDialect An SQL dialect for Oracle, compatible with Oracle 8.
PointbaseDialect A Dialect for Pointbase.
PostgreSQLDialect An SQL dialect for Postgres
ProgressDialect An SQL dialect compatible with Progress 9.1C

Connection Parameters required: hibernate.dialect org.hibernate.sql.ProgressDialect hibernate.driver com.progress.sql.jdbc.JdbcProgressDriver hibernate.url jdbc:JdbcProgress:T:host:port:dbname;WorkArounds=536870912 hibernate.username username hibernate.password password The WorkArounds parameter in the URL is required to avoid an error in the Progress 9.1C JDBC driver related to PreparedStatements.
SAPDBDialect An SQL dialect compatible with SAP DB.
SQLServerDialect A dialect for Microsoft SQL Server 2000
SQLServerDialect.TrimFunction A SQLServer-specific version of the ANSI-SQL trim function as SQLServer does not support such a thing.
Sybase11Dialect A SQL dialect suitable for use with Sybase 11.9.2 (specifically: avoids ANSI JOIN syntax)
SybaseAnywhereDialect SQL Dialect for Sybase Anywhere extending Sybase (Enterprise) Dialect (Tested on ASA 8.x)
SybaseDialect An SQL dialect compatible with Sybase and MS SQL Server.
TimesTenDialect A SQL dialect for TimesTen 5.1.
TypeNames This class maps a type to names.

Package org.hibernate.dialect Description

This package abstracts the SQL dialect of the underlying database.

A concrete Dialect may be specifed using hibernate.dialect.