Package org.hibernate.cache

This package defines APIs and implementations for the second-level cache and query cache.


Interface Summary
Cache Implementors define a caching algorithm.
CacheConcurrencyStrategy Implementors manage transactional access to cached data.
CacheConcurrencyStrategy.SoftLock Marker interface, denoting a client-visible "soft lock" on a cached item.
CacheProvider Support for pluggable caches.
QueryCache Defines the contract for caches capable of storing query results.
QueryCacheFactory Defines a factory for query cache instances.

Class Summary
AbstractJndiBoundCacheProvider Support for CacheProvider implementations which are backed by caches bound into JNDI namespace.
CacheKey Allows multiple entity classes / collection roles to be stored in the same cache region.
EhCache EHCache plugin for Hibernate EHCache uses a MemoryStore and a DiskStore.
EhCacheProvider Cache Provider plugin for Hibernate Use hibernate.cache.provider_class=org.hibernate.cache.EhCacheProvider in Hibernate 3.x or later Taken from EhCache 0.9 distribution
FilterKey Allows cached queries to be keyed by enabled filters.
HashtableCache A lightweight implementation of the Cache interface
HashtableCacheProvider A simple in-memory Hashtable-based cache impl.
JndiBoundTreeCacheProvider Support for JBossCache (TreeCache), where the cache instance is available via JNDI lookup.
NoCacheProvider Implementation of NoCacheProvider.
NonstrictReadWriteCache Caches data that is sometimes updated without ever locking the cache.
OSCacheProvider Support for OpenSymphony OSCache.
QueryKey A key that identifies a particular query with bound parameter values
ReadOnlyCache Caches data that is never updated.
ReadWriteCache Caches data that is sometimes updated while maintaining the semantics of "read committed" isolation level.
ReadWriteCache.Item An item of cached data, timestamped with the time it was cached,.
ReadWriteCache.Lock A soft lock which supports concurrent locking, timestamped with the time it was released
StandardQueryCache The standard implementation of the Hibernate QueryCache interface.
StandardQueryCacheFactory Standard Hibernate implementation of the QueryCacheFactory interface.
SwarmCacheProvider Support for SwarmCache replicated cache.
Timestamper Generates increasing identifiers (in a single VM only).
TransactionalCache Support for fully transactional cache implementations like JBoss TreeCache.
TreeCache Represents a particular region within the given JBossCache TreeCache.
TreeCacheProvider Support for a standalone JBossCache (TreeCache) instance.
UpdateTimestampsCache Tracks the timestamps of the most recent updates to particular tables.

Exception Summary
CacheException Something went wrong in the cache
NoCachingEnabledException Implementation of NoCachingEnabledException.

Package org.hibernate.cache Description

This package defines APIs and implementations for the second-level cache and query cache.

Cache abstracts the underlying cache implementation. CacheConcurrencyStrategy abstracts various strategies for maintaining consistency between the cache and database. QueryCache abstracts the query result set cache.