lspack: a local search approach for Packing Problems (OPP, SPP)

Stéphane Grandcolas - Cyril Pain-Barre "Une métaheuristique pour les problèmes de packing orthogonal en deux dimensions", Actes JFPC 2016, juin 2016 (pdf).

Download: lspack for PC x86_64 on Linux.
Try -help for the full list of options and parameters.

Random instances:

spp-3l (3 layers, various numbers of items),

spp-50i (50 items, various numbers of layers).

gcut13r solution height=4986

The problem is to pack a set of 32 items in a strip of width 3000 (for more information see J. E. Beasley. Algorithms for unconstrained two- dimensional guillotine cutting. The Journal of the Operational Research Society, 36(4) :297–306, 1985).